About Slope Farms

Cattle at Slope Farms

About Slope Farms

We raise grass fed beef on the hilly pastures of our farm in the Western Catskills. The farm is on the high ridge that divides the waters flowing into the Delaware and Susquehanna Rivers.

This land grows a complex mix of lush grasses. The summers are cool and damp and the winters cold. The rocky soil is not suited for row crops, but it’s perfect for grazing healthy and happy cattle.

Our cattle eat what nature designed them to eat, nothing else: the grasses that grow naturally on these hills. In the warm weather they graze. In the winter they eat stored grasses from our own and surrounding farms, and still graze when the snow cover permits. We use no chemicals on the pastures and the animals are free of antibiotics.

The beef taste like beef should when grown in the mountains. It taste the way beef tasted forever, when people were willing to wait till cattle got fat on pasture—-before feedlots, before fossil fuels and corn, before antibiotics in the feed, before transport across the country. The connection between humans and cattle is so long, and so strong, that when you taste our grass feed beef it will likely trigger a memory of how good beef is supposed to taste.


Slope Farms is in the Town of Meredith in Delaware County, NY, on Catskill Turnpike, a little road that was once the ‘highway’ across the northern Catskills, bringing products to the Hudson and downriver.

Contact Info

Ken and Linda Jaffe
607-746-2294 or 746-6303
email: slopefarms@gmail.com
PO Box 4, Meridale, NY 13806