Thinking about grassland is not just for farming nerds…….a video

Grasslands cover 70% of worldwide agricultural area. In developing countries, more productive grassland is key to feeding almost a billion people living on less than $1/day.

Grasslands have thrived for tens of millions of years. Large grazing ruminants are basic to the ecosystem.  No ruminants, no grasslands. Healthy productive grassland requires grazing animals—-buffalo, cattle, wildebeest, etc– that are mobile,  spending a fraction of the season in any one spot. Animal mobility is key to grassland health.

In developed countries, moving away from industrial livestock production will require a huge cattle drive—-out of feedlots, onto grasslands managed as an ecosystem with plants and animals.

Here’s a video, to get started

Thanks to @nyculla and @NYFarmer.

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2 Responses to Thinking about grassland is not just for farming nerds…….a video

  1. Carl Arnold says:

    This is turning into a great blog. I’m passing the video on to a relative from the Sudan who will be working there soon to help beef up (sorry) the local economy in the eastern part of the country, using what assets they already have. Similar to what Farm Catskills is doing.

  2. Ken Jaffe says:

    Thanks Carl. I’m planning on this being first of a series on grassland.

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