How to get the Beef

Cattle wander at Slope Farms

How to get the Beef

We ship our beef in bulk to New York City, the Catskills, and the Hudson Valley. We supply individuals, restaurants, retail stores, and hotels.

All of our beef is processed by an excellent small federally inspected facility close to the farm. The beef can be custom cut to your specifications, and delivered either fresh or frozen.

We also sell individual vacuum packed butcher cuts from the farm if you give us a call.

You can reach us a 607-746-6303 or email:

Our beef is also available at

Park Slope Food Coop

Diner Restaurant—Brooklyn

Marlow and Daughter’s Butcher Shop–Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Greene Grape Butcher Shop–Fort Greene, Brooklyn

Butcher Bar–Astoria, Queens, NY

Brooklyn Fare—Brooklyn Heights

Print Restaurant—NY, NY

Beaverkill Valley Inn—Lew Beach, NY

Quartermoon Cafe—Delhi, NY

Autumn Cafe—Oneonta, NY

Main Street Farm—-Livingston Manor, NY

The Peekamoose Restaurant—Big Indian, NY