Slope Farms Grass Fed Beef

Steers at Slope Farms

Slope Farms Grass Fed Beef

The real taste of beef is grass fed beef. Grass is what cattle, with their ruminant stomachs, are born to eat. Our cattle eat only grasses, water and minerals. They are free of antibiotics and hormones, and never see a feedlot.

The product may surprise you. The flavor is more complex and the meat is leaner. As with wine, grass-fed beef varies by region, by type of grass and climate.

Grass is the best crop in the hills of the Catskills with our cool moist climate, steep slopes and rocky soils. Cattle grazing on our hills give us tastier and healthier meat with a regional flavor.

Grass fed beef is one of the flavors of a sustainable local agriculture, with regional benefits that are environmental, economic and aesthetic.

What’s the problem with feeding cattle corn? It’s really a new idea, based on a model of subsidized industrial food production, and cheap fossil fuels, and only the norm since the later part of the 20th century. For all the previous millennia cattle ate their natural diet of pasture grasses.

Grass fed cattle harvest their own feed, spread the grass seeds, and fertilize the soil, and maintain our pastoral landscape. It’s a system based on the power of the sun and an alternative to the system of commodity corn and feedlots, with its diesel fuel, chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and antibiotics.

By eating grass rather than corn, cattle produce meat with more healthful fats, including much higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids and CLA (a fat with anticancer properties), and lower levels of saturated fats. And grass fed animals don’t harbor the dangerous strains of acid resistant E. coli that thrive in corn fed animals.

In the Northern Catskills, the beauty of our open space is the look of working farms. When we choose local food we don’t just support our local farmers, we support farmland preservation and our region’s pastoral landscape threatened by subdivision and sprawl.

But finally, it’s really about our product, and the delicious natural taste of beef.